About us

We are some friends who had a late night discussion about marketing targets in terms of fashion. The main target we recognized was delivering beauty standards and a certain lifestyle.

We strongly believe that this is wrong. It is wrong telling people what to wear or even what to do. We are fully convinced that everybody must be capable of doing anything they like without being bullied or looked down at.

While some ideas only seem good while you are drunk, this idea seemed perfectly right from beginning, although it was created drunk And that’s the story how…

…Drunk Caesar was born!

We don’t have a certain beauty standard; we are a group of friends with a dream. Therefore, we understand ourselves as a community rather than just a selling point.

The key to success is being at peace with yourself and exactly that is our product…

…So start being your own emperor!


Listen to the music YOU like

Wear whatever YOU want

Eat whatever YOU feel like
Live the life YOU want!
Just be who you are, because YOU are perfect!

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